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This website is developed under Erasmus+ Programme – Strategic Partnership Project Number: 2020-1-RO01-KA203-080368 being financed by the European Union and reflects entirely the author’s view. The Commission is not responsible for the content and for any use that may be made of the information it contains.


Project Key Events 

01 December 2020

The beginning of the FOReSiGHT story, linking e-everything and iEverything with foresight and resilience. 

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You may learn more about the project from our About Section. 

24 February 2021

TPM1 – Project Kick-Off – on Zoom

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The agenda of the TPM was three-pronged, covering discussions with members of the consortia related to :

– Project Objectives

– Main objectives and results expected

– Financial Overview

– Budgetary requirements | Financial Reporting

– Content Delivery and Reporting

– Activity reporting | Content Creation


20-22 October 2021

Joint staff training in Rome, Italy, focused on providing participants team members with skills and competences related to foresight. 

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13 team members participated. 

Hosted in Rome, Italy, by University of Rome – La Sapienza.

08 April 2022

TPM2 – MidProject UpToDate

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The second transnational project meeting of the project took place  in Berlin, Germany and was hosted by ESCP Berlin.

The meeting focused on midterm reporting, providing a status report on the project’s activities, and discussing methods to improve impact. Lastly, the TPM provided updates to project implementation procedures where necessary.

27 June – 1 July 2022

FOReSiGHT Berlin Summer School – 5 Days about Intelligent Automation

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For more information about the Summer School, check out our Mobilities Section

6-10 March 2023

FOReSiGHT Zagreb Spring School5 Days about Algorithmic Governance

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For more information about the Spring School, check out our Mobilities Section

October 2022 – May 2023

Blended Mobilities to Bucharest, Romania of Students from ESCP Berlin, University of Zagreb, University of Rome – La Sapienza. 

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For more information, check out our Mobilities Section

April 2023

Blended mobilities to Berlin, Germany and Rome, Italy of Students from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. 

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For more information, check out our Mobilities Section

2022 – 2023

Information Sessions in Romania, Croatia, Germany, Italy and Belgium. 

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More than 340 participants to live information sessions in all 5 countries.


Information Session in Bucharest, Romania – 19 October 2022

Information Session in Berlin, Germany – 15 February 2023

Information Session in Zagreb, Croatia – 01 March 2023

Information Session in Brussels, Belgium – 26 May 2023

Information Session in Rome, Italy – 29 May 2023





2021 – 2022

Webinars on digital transformation, intelligent automation, algorithmic governance, artificial intelligence

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All 21 webinars are available on our YouTube channel

29 May 2023

TPM3 – Project WrapUp

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The 3rd and last TPM was  online and in person, and was hosted by the University partner located in Italy.

The goal of the meeting was the final reporting of the project, the Project Wrap-Up, the post-implementation dissemination plan, and the approval of the sustainability plan of the project.

All project results were discussed, particularly the best practice elements – such as the good reach of the YouTube channel and the webinars associated with the Intellectual Outputs.

31 May 2023

FOReSiGHT End Date. 


Learn how to be resilient in the face of future challenges!


Find here details about the FOReSiGHT team – teachers, trainers, professionals.


Refer to this page for a one-stop shop of all the learning materials developed in our project.